Land Use

There are two means to radically reduce the level of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Firstly, we can decrease human induced emissions, secondly, we can move to widespread adoption of proven land and ocean practices that sequester carbon from the air and store carbon for decades or even centuries. Recent research in the United States has suggested that widespread implementation of regenerative practices worldwide could have a significant impact, storing as much as eight billion tonnes of carbon per year over the long-term, or nearly as much as current annual emissions from burning of fossil fuels.

Sample Sectors of Interest (not exclusive to the below)

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Tropical Forests

Once blanketing 12% of the world’s landmasses, they now cover just 5%. Tropical forest loss alone is responsible for 16 to 19 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. In theory, 751 million acres of degraded land in the tropics could be restored. Assuming 435 million acres are restored a total of 61.23 gigatons could be be reduced by 2050.

Ranking and Results by 2050 (Onshore)

61.23 Gigatons of reduced CO2


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Peatland ecosystems are predominantly found in temperate-cold climates across North America, Northern Europe and Russia. Restoring drained and damaged peatlands is an essential strategy. Rewetting is the chief priority. Protection of peatlands is still in its infancy and mapping and monitoring them is crucial.

Ranking and Results by 2050 (Onshore)

21.57 Gigatons of reduced CO2


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Coastal Wetlands

Of the 121 million acres of coastal wetlands globally, 18 million acres are protected today. If an additional, 57 million acres are protected by 2050, the resulting avoided emissions and continued sequestration could total 3.2 gigatons of carbon dioxide. While limited in area, coastal wetlands contain large carbon sinks, protecting them would secure an estimated 15 gigatons of carbon dioxide.

Ranking and Results by 2050 (Onshore)

3.19 Gigatons of reduced CO2 /
53.34 Gigatons of C02 protected


Source: Drawdown the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming


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